fredag den 17. april 2009

A bit of blue

A freshly made card to say thank you. The flower stamp is from Stampelfabrikken in Malmø. The other stamp is homemade.

Card made with bark.

New dress from a young talented designer.

A sign of spring

Cherry blossoms and a old head light from a car.

Delicate cherry blossoms.

søndag den 5. april 2009

Childhood memory

Naive colouring but charming in its mushroom-like way.

Not so proper

Photo found at a flea market. Showing her bottucks to the world. Sitting on a mirror which is used for writing 'to dos' on.

Curious browns and whites

Reopholstred chair in livingroom. Brown material with white polkadots. Worn table which weighs a ton.

White food highlighted by brown bread.

See the explanation below...

Admittedly this is in the strange department when it comes to window sill decorating. This is an old doll's head with a candle burning on top. The inspiration came from here.