torsdag den 26. marts 2009

Hung up

Three animals on a row acting as practical hooks for kitchen neccesities.

Close-up of the elephant hook and the dish cloth hanging from its trunk

The zebra goes well with garlic somehow


This went into the vase.

Bottom of vase - previously used in a lab.

A small home from different angles part 2

Onions gone wild.

An old frame found at a fleamarket hung on the kitchen wall.

Headboard made out of an old door. Lamps were integrated into the headboard. A red wallsticker above. Old stairladder on the right.

Hooks and bar were fitted under the cupboard to add a rough touch and to provide somewhere for guests to hang their coats. On top pictures waiting to be hung up. On the right an old car head light turned into a lamp.

tirsdag den 24. marts 2009

A small home from different angles

Beautiful legs bought at a flea market and transported home on the bus - people look at you when you do that! The Eames rocker can be seen in the background.

Roses in the bedroom. Ikea cupboard. Doll's bed on the left used for magasines.

New shoes in the hall

A geranium which smells of citrus. Burnt down candles. A mirror which hardly works as a mirror anymore but it is all the more beautiful. Hooks waiting to be put up - the colour is just the right kind of yellow. The cupboard has been given a "new" pull. On the right an old-fashioned scale.

It was meant for making biscuits but works really well for fruit as well. The picture in the frame is from a fantastic photo book depicting tiny plastic people in urban settings - Little people in the city.

Dining and living room. Please ignore the cords ... Metal cupboard on the left. Brown fabric with white dots on the chairs. Rolling cabinet under the table.